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Frequently Asked Questions About Gift Registry

What is a honeymoon gift registry?

This is an easy system for you to help pay for the bride and grooms honeymoon plans. Once you select the amount to give, the honeymoon Travel Consultant will contact you to arrange payment.

How does this honeymoon registry work?

Once you provide the funds, they will automatically be paid against the bride and grooms honeymoon.

Why should we use this honeymoon registry?

You should use this honeymoon registry because it is easy, you can get the shopping done now and the bride and groom will remember this forever!

How much does it cost to use this Honeymoon Gift Registry?

There is no additional cost for our service. 100% of your provided funds will go towards the honeymoon vacation.

How are the bride and groom notified about this honeymoon registry?

Our professional honeymoon Travel Consultant will provide the bride and groom of your purchase.

Should we provide the funds by any particular date?

Yes. We recommend that you provide the funds at least 60 days prior to the honeymoon which is prior to the final payment date of the honeymoon.

What if the bride and groom don't know where we are going but want to use the honeymoon registry to start receiving gift money?

This is not a problem. Our honeymoon Travel Consultant would send the bride and groom the certificate and hold the funds until a decision is reached.

Can we set this up for a wedding couple as a surprise?

Yes, please advise the Honeymoon Travel Consultant
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